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Orphanage in Cambodia

Donated: 2.350 €

Goal: 1.500 €


Project country: Cambodia

Our foundation ambassador, Olaf Förster, visited a private orphanage in Siem Reap and offered his support locally. The founder and owner, Saroaht, lost his parents when he was a child and was raised by monks. He also lived some time in Germany. For this reason, he collects donations from Germany and Switzerland likewise. That visit moved Olaf so much that he would like to share this joy with you. His goal is to terminate the construction of the school which is being built. To achieve this goal he needs € 1.500,-. If you wish to devolve a part of your Charity Account to this project, you can do it now.

Renovation of the building "Pfadiheim Wil - Roter Ziegel"

Video and current donations list

Donated: 2.000 €

Goal: 2.500 €


Project country: Switzerland

I would like to use this opportunity to introduce an interesting project related to scouts in Switzerland, more specifically, the renovation of the "Pfadiheim Wil - Roter Ziegel". The building has already reached a certain age and urgently needs donations in order to be renovated. Donations are already being diligently collected on site.

Pfadi is a youth organisation that is more than 100 years old and has spread to 161 countries. It is open for children, youth and young adults, irrespective of their nationality, denomination or social background. With approximately 45,000 members, the Pfadibewegung Schweiz is the largest youth organisation in Switzerland.


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MOKI Carinthia/Austria

Donated: 1.200 €

Goal: 3.500 €


Project country: Austria

„Stoak wie a Felsn…“ 2018  … 

Is a project of psychosocial support for families with children and young people suffering from life-limiting diseases. The purpose here is to grant the parents three days, during which they can work on their resources and burdens. During this time, employees of MOKI Carinthia look after the children and their siblings. More...

Projektbeschreibung Stoak wie a Felsen 2
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Mario Hintermayer will be happy to help you. | +49 174 244 909 8

Jürgen Höller Foundation

Donated: 1.000 €

Goal: 5.000 €


Project countryAfrica

As part of the Lifing series, DUCATUS CHARITY, in cooperation with the DC Lion’s Heart Foundation, participated in the construction of a classroom of the Jürgen Höller Foundation in the “Kibera” slum in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, with a donation of € 1,000. Further donations are to follow, as the Jürgen Höller Foundation has set big goals for itself - they plan to build 1,000 schools together with the participants of their seminars.

DUCATUS CHARITY and the DC Lion’s Heart Foundation desire to participate in such valuable work with a classroom in 2018 and an own school in the years to follow. One classroom equals the approximate donation amount of € 5,000.-. 


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Mario Hintermayer will be happy to help you. | +49 174 244 909 8

Plant for the Planet

Donated: 2.800 €

Goal: 5.000 €


Project country: International

The student initiative Plant for the Planet was founded by the 9-year-old Felix Finkbeiner in 2007.
Inspired by Wangari Maathai, who planted 30 million trees in Africa in 30 years, Felix formulates his vision: “Children could plant one million trees in every country on Earth. In this way, they could create a CO2 balance on their own, while the grown-ups only talk about it.

The Foundation’s founder Mario Hintermayer and Foundation Board Member Oliver Sodeik were personally present at the Plant Ahead Event on 9 March 2018.
DC Lion´s Heart Foundation purchases 2,500 trees at biggest tree planting campaign of all times. More...

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Mario Hintermayer will be happy to help you. | +49 174 244 909 8

"Soleman" on Bali

Donated: 1.050 €

Goal: 5.000 €


 Project country: Indonesia

“Yayasan Solemen Indonesia” is a regional foundation with a long history, great commitment and an amazing record of success. “Solemen” are a committed, compassionate and well-trained team of people who dedicate their lives selflessly every day in order to help many physically disadvantaged people on Bali. The challenge for the Foundation is to provide the finances for the tasks that are urgently necessary. By donating only a small amount, you can already support the extremely valuable work of this organisation. More...

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Donated: 1.502 €

Goal: 5.000 €


Project country: Sri Lanka

Not only the animals had a great time at the Charity for Animals GALA-DINNER! All participants came together for an evening of cooking, free of animal products. We had fun and were able to discuss topics of social responsibility in a relaxed atmosphere. I have awoken the awareness of the participants regarding the fact that one can help at any time, easily and quickly from one's place of residence. The most unbelievable things happen on such evenings. Such networking efforts have already led to new friendships, business relationships, acquisitions of new customers by means of the regional products presented, and my idea was forwarded from person to person. The entrance fee and the donation by DUCATUS CHARITY went, minus the raw material costs, directly to the animal clinic in Sri Lanka, with which I was familiar and which I have chosen. More...

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